The "Srodborowianka" has two buildings, constructed in the thirties of the last century – the bigger one is a modernistic brick building and the smaller, wooden one is in the style characteristic of the interwar period for the town of Otwock. The standard of the main brick building is higher – there are 24 double rooms with bathrooms and TV sets. Also the dining hall and the conference hall are here. This is a perfect place for organizing conventions, symposia or conferences. The smaller building can accommodate up to 20 guests in various rooms, and it is very good for youth or student groups. The centre is fenced and a car park is on the promises. Transport to Warsaw is very convenient, thanks to regularly and often running trains and buses. There is a railroad station and a bus stop next to the "Srodborowianka".

The "Srodborowianka" Centre is located in the midst of pine forests on the edge of the Mazowiecki National Park created in 1987. Tourist trails marked in the surrounding forests allow safe hikes through the forest paths. There are six of them all together, the closest to the "Srodborowianka" is a green trail, which begins at the railway station in Otwock, and it ends in Celestynow, running mainly through the area of the Mazowiecki National Park. Otwock is also worth visiting. It is relatively a young town, established in 1916. In 1923 it obtained a status of health spa and it began to transform into very popular health resort. Numerous interesting buildings, mainly wooden villas and guesthouses from that period can be seen today - among them the town hall and the railway station. During your stay in the "Srodborowianka" we can organize a sightseeing tour or an excursion to the town with a guide.