Śródborowianka consists of two buildings erected in the 1920s and 1930s – the bigger (main) one is a modernist brick house and the smaller wooden one represents a local style typical of the interwar period. The guesthouse is located in the midst of pine forest on the verge of the Masovian Landscape Park. Tourist trails marked in the neighbouring forests enable safe hikes through the forest paths. There are six such trails in total, the closest to Śródborowianka is the green one beginning at the railway station in Otwock and ending in Celestynów. Otwock is also worth visiting. It is a relatively young town founded in 1916. In 1923 it was recognised as a spa resort and started to transform into a popular tourist destination. Many interesting wooden villas and guesthouses from that period survived until today – including the town hall and the railway station.

Śródborowianka Conference and Holiday Resort which currently belongs to the Social-Cultural Association of Jews in Poland was a private property during the interwar period, which in the early post-war period became a Jewish orphanage. In 1960 TSKŻ purchased the real estate in order to organise family vacations, summer and winter youth camps and occupational trainings for its members. Śródborowianka is a venue eagerly visited by senior Jews residing abroad who are willing to recollect venues reminding them of their juvenile years. The Centre also welcomes members and supporters of all Jewish organisations, especially during most important national festivals and anniversaries such as: Hanukkah, Purim or Israel Independence Day, whose celebrations have already become a tradition. Śródborowianka cooperates with many different institutions by hosting events aimed at promoting the Jewish tradition and culture.